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And one becomes two.

Almost two years ago, I was accepted as a student in the Aristides Classical Atelier at Gage Academy of Fine Art.


Less than two weeks ago, mon bel ami de garçon was accepted to study mathematics at Seattle University (a/k/a adding another degree to his brain pile).


The thing that you must understand about the two of us is this: we eat and we cook and we math and we paint; and so one becomes two and we’re blogging together now.

Getting Pythagorean With It (Paul)

Getting Spherical With It (Jen)

Carry on; Hans, give me zwei.


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The problem with starting anything is knowing where to start.

Let’s start simply:

  1. I’m a Gemini.
  2. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
  3. I study classical realist painting, but love art of all ilks and stripes.
  4. I love to eat.
  5. I love to cook.
  6. And a whole bunch of other stuff.

For serious,  this is (mostly, probably) all art and all food all the time. Bonjour, mes petits amis.

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